Electronic Music Production (co production) for $1000

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Electronic Music Production (co production) for $1000

If you are looking for help to get your productions finished and up to a professional standard or looking for a original track but lack the time and technical skills to do so, then the Mind Flux team are here to help.
At the Mind Flux studios we are able to help you in various ways. There is a huge amount of options that we can offer you the producer and or artist. Below we have listed several scenarios.
If you find your tracks are lacking that professional touch and they just don’t stand up to your favourite tracks then you may need some extra help getting that extra edge and professional help to get them there. This could be because the sounds are not correct from the outset and you're trying to push round pegs into square holes. In this scenario, we could help you replace your sounds with our vast array of analog or soft synths. This goes for drums as well.
You have great melodies but the sounds and recordings just don’t sound right, then maybe you could do with some help with your productions whether it be in the writing or the sound design. This is a different problem but a similar solution to as above.
Maybe everything is sounding great but your track becomes boring after a minute or two of listening to it. In this case, we could help you work on the arrangement and structure to help make every second as memorable as the last.
You maybe a singer or rapper looking for a track to showcase your talent over.
And of course, there is the problem where you have the ideas but lack the skills and knowledge to work to program. Here we can be a link between your brain and Ableton and or logic.

What is included in the production process?
Building structure and arrangements, this is a key part of the production and writing process, this will help stop your tracks sounding like a one bar loop repeat and more like a song.
Writing melodies, chords and basslines
Programming beats
Tuning drums
Editing Audio
Sound Design

Equipment List:
Roland Sh 101
Moog Voyager
Roland Juno 6
Various Guitar Pedals
Sound Toys Full Bundle
Roland TB 303
Moog Minitaur
Ableton 10 Full Suite
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol Unlimited
Access Virus
Logic Pro X
Waves Plug Ins (Selection)
Audio Damage (Selection)
UAD (Selection)

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