Rap Coaching Session for $50

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Micheal Booze

Rap Coaching Session for $50

Each and everyday I am writing on songs and I could teach YOU how to WRITE and PERFORM your own songs, too!!!!!!!!!

Music is not only my passion, it´s my life!! I have been making music for over 20+ years.
In those 20+ years of experience I have become a professional at writing lyrics, recording tracks and performing songs on stage.

Hip Hop, Rap and RnB are my specialty.

I have opened up stages for MC Lyte, 69 Boyz and Luniz, performed on stages in USA, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

I have my own record label and I am also in a Rap/Hip Hop Group named The Tribe of Judah.

I am very creative and able to adabt to many different styles of music, such as Rap, Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, House and Dancehall.

To get the Rap Coaching Session started, you must have Facebook Messenger or Skype and we have to set up a date and time.

I will have this session 1 on 1 and Live with you.

In this one hour we will work on your rap skills to get them to the highest level possible!

For best results I encourage you to take more than one hour of this service.
I offer a package deal of 30 hours for the price of 20 hours!!!!

After these sessions you will be for sure sharp!!!

Working close together with you and meeting your expectations are very important to me, so feel free to let me know any keywords, topics or feelings/vibes that you want me to be mindful of when we are working on a specific song to improve your skills.

Everybody is different and has a different voice or style. I will dedicate myself in helping you find YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL STYLE!!!

Included in this service are:
1 Rap Coaching Session

The Tribe of Judah - Music of Love (Snippet)

This song is about love
  • The Tribe of Judah - Music of Love (Snippet)
  • The Tribe of Judah - End World Poverty (Snippet)
  • The Tribe of Judah - Til Money Pourin Out (Snippet)

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