Production/mixing/mastering: I can produce, mix and master your song. for $380

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Production/mixing/mastering: I can produce, mix and master your song. for $380

Thank you for checking out my listing. I am a versatile music producer & mixing engineer with a down-to-earth attitude, fast and efficient work ethic and a tremendous passion for what I do.

I would love to produce, mix and master a track for you. My experience is broad and I can provide the following:
- Take your song idea or piano/guitar demo and build a production around it.
- Work with you through the initial drafts and make any revisions and additions that we discuss. This includes vocal production, working on the instrumentation, sound engineering, etc.

A little bit about me..

I was born and raised in Russia but have been living in California since 2000. I've been producing, mixing and mastering since 2015. Over the years I've helped artists record and release tracks, produced and toured under my own artist moniker, won various remix competitions and have gathered a great deal of experience and knowledge.

While most of my background is in pop and EDM music, I also have experience with some rock, djent, metal, etc and other live music genres. My production tastes are pretty diverse and I'm as comfortable working on hip hop instrumentals as I am mixing rock or folky pop.

Here are the styles that I can produce instrumentals in so if you are looking for something along these lines then let's talk: radio pop, electronic dance, chilled R&B, future bass & house, tropical house, trap, dubstep and many others. Just let me know what your vision is and I'll do my best to match it.

Please send me a message and we'll take it from there.

Tropical Pop

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