Full Studio Production from 400-600. for $400

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By nathannasby

Full Studio Production from 400-600. for $400

From simple concepts in an artists mind to a rough demo that needs a full production, I can work with you to arrange, and produce a song in a variety of Genres.

As well as having a full production studio, I can provide lyric services, instrument tracking and vocals.

If you have a project you would like to see working into a professional recording please contact me and we can talk about the details.

10 Reviews

  1. Review By: richmo Jun 15, 2018

    Nathan did another great job on my song - lead vocals and harmonies...

  2. Review By: richmo Jun 5, 2018

    Another great job....

  3. Review By: richmo May 12, 2018

    Another great job and attention to detail - main vocal and lots of intricate backing vocals too.

  4. Review By: bendikg May 1, 2018

    Once again Nathan delivered some amazing vocals. Very professional and he's got a fantastic voice. He also have some beautiful falsettos which did a lot for my song. Absolutely recommended!

  5. Review By: Barryfindlater Apr 28, 2018

    Thanks Nathan
    As usual ..professional and talented.
    All the best sir!

  6. Review By: bm1275 Apr 25, 2018

    Thank you once again Nathan for your expertise on adding background vocals to my song.
    I highly recommend Nathan for your project. He is wonderful to work with and a consummate
    professional in all he does. He is full of ideas with both his lead and background vocals.
    Thanks again buddy.

  7. Review By: Tomnewman85 Apr 24, 2018

    Nathan produced a great vocal for my track. He has a fantastic voice, really crisp and emotive

  8. Review By: JoeBlaise Apr 17, 2018

    did an amazing job!!! thank you so much

  9. Review By: jtrevormartin Apr 5, 2018

    Fantastic vocals - Nathan went above and beyond and delivered a number of different tracks. Highly recommend.

  10. Review By: daveinlaca Apr 4, 2018

    Nathan did a fantastic job with the vocals for my track. He is a great talent, Gave a great first draft and was happy to address small tweaks and adjustments I had for him. Definitely recommend!

  11. Review By: nanana Apr 4, 2018

    Great job! Very good voice and performance, and a very warm and lovely person to deal with. Thanks!

  12. Review By: mostephe Mar 21, 2018

    Thank you so much, Nathan! This is SUPER helpful and I really appreciate your hard work on this! I'm going to start working with your suggestions on this one and I will definitely be reaching out again soon with more songs!

  13. Review By: RAFAEL Mar 14, 2018

    Thank you so much Nathan!!
    The Vocal tracks are amazing!!
    Hope to work with you soon!

  14. Review By: Barryfindlater Mar 13, 2018

    Always a pleasure Nathan...looking forward to the next project!

  15. Review By: Barryfindlater Mar 1, 2018

    ...so other users can benefit from your experience...hmm..

    'Other Users' ..... Nathan could probably record the 'Telephone Directory' and make it great!

    As always..it's a pleasure to listen to him breathe life into my songs!

  16. Review By: andych67 Feb 15, 2018

    Professional singer with professional attitude.
    Great voice which added a dynamism to our recording.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  17. Review By: pbarrosojr Feb 12, 2018

    Really nice. Nathan always give his best, a real pro.

  18. Review By: Barryfindlater Dec 12, 2017

    Great work Nathan.
    I appreciate your talent for interpreting the lyric and 'hearing' whatever it was I tried to convey.
    I look forward to working with you again.
    All the best.

  19. Review By: Rock Sep 19, 2017

    Excellent vocal takes!

  20. Review By: jazzopie Aug 25, 2017

    Another a home run from Nathan with the latest vocal he did for me. He's so versatile, sounding different on this track than the others he did for me. Getting a vocal track from Nathan is like a Christmas present! You can't wait to open it and when you do it's always a pleasant surprise. He is a great singer and always takes the meaning of the track in the highest regard. What a talent!

  21. Review By: AsFollows Aug 7, 2017

    Nathan delivered just what I needed! He's a versatile and creative singer who really cares about the project he is working on. Recommended!!

  22. Review By: Prokkimmen Jul 12, 2017

    As always, great job and quickly done.
    Thanks Nathan

  23. Review By: daytonasteve Jun 27, 2017

    It's so good to work with a pro who can take a description and the scratch vocals and deliver a first class performance that captures EXACTLY the feel and mood of the song. Great job Nathan....

  24. Review By: TychisMedia Jun 24, 2017

    Nathan is extremely talented & professional, and a must-have if you need a project that needs polish, complex sound and passion to shine through!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  25. Review By: bendikg Jun 8, 2017

    Nathan did a great job here! Highly recommended!

  26. Review By: bendikg Jun 8, 2017

    Amazing vocals and service! I'll surely hire Nathan again :)

  27. Review By: Avery May 24, 2017

    It's really a pleasure to work with you on every hymn. Sincerely speaking, we rest assured of every hymn we sent to you, since we know you'll do a great job and never let us down. Thank God for letting us meet such a professional musician as you.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  28. Review By: ygwcm043 May 13, 2017

    Thank you very much for your excellent work! Your way of working is very professional and your voice is so nice!!! I want to have another work with you soon.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  29. Review By: Avery May 5, 2017

    Nathan always does a good job, the harmonies he adds will give more color to our songs and give us a big surprise! Also, his sincere attitude is appreciated!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  30. Review By: Avery Apr 24, 2017

    Good job! Nathan! Your voice sounds warm, sincere and wonderful. Won't miss any chance to work together! Thank God for arranging us meet you!!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  31. Review By: Neal18uk Apr 21, 2017

    Great vocals and great ideas.

    Thank you


  32. Review By: bm1275 Apr 21, 2017

    Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did on my track. I couldn't be happier :-)

    Nathan is a wonderfully gifted professional vocalist who provides exactly what is required for a song with so much emotion and feel. His communication throughout the process is first rate and he always goes above and beyond with his lead vocals and harmony ideas. He is a joy to work with and will be using him again in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  33. Review By: Spycraft Apr 15, 2017

    The best experience I've had working with someone on Airgigs so far. Nathan is the best.

  34. Review By: Spycraft Apr 15, 2017

    Nathan is a professional and easy to work with. He has a fantastic vocal range and can sing just about anything in my opinion. I do hope to work with him again on other projects. He's the best.

  35. Review By: dirkgently Apr 7, 2017

    Great work. Thanks Nathan!

  36. Review By: dirkgently Apr 7, 2017

    Nathan did a fantastic job with my song, adding his own creative interpretation that made my song even better than I had expected, and of course his singing is incredible. A true professional. Very happy.

  37. Review By: Frank Apr 6, 2017

    Another song I sent to Nathan and again he did a fantastic work with it.
    Nice main vocals and nice arrangements for the backing parts!
    Thanks a lot.

  38. Review By: richmo Mar 8, 2017

    Nathan did a really great job on this. Not only did he do a great performance but he added some great harmonies off his own back which made song much better/more interesting. Very much appreciated!

  39. Review By: richmo Mar 8, 2017

    Another great job from Nathan. Totally nailed it first time round (not easy as song is long). Great performance in terms of tone, timing and feeling. And very pleasant to deal with as always. Thank you!

  40. Review By: Prokkimmen Feb 8, 2017

    Precise work. Exceptional quality. Good communication skills. Quick turnaround.

  41. Review By: Prokkimmen Dec 20, 2016

    Exceptional quality of work. Pleasure to work with Nathan.

  42. Review By: andreaperry Dec 7, 2016

    Excellent singer and very nice and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

  43. Review By: richmo Dec 5, 2016

    Great job. I asked Nathan for a few lines of background vocals. And he came back with much more which has really helped to enhance the song (and clearly took a lot of additional time/effort). Thank you!

  44. Review By: ZGare Dec 5, 2016

    The demo was exactly what I was hoping for. Very well done and fast.

  45. Review By: javila Dec 1, 2016

    Great all the way!! Super fast delivery and excellent quality!!

  46. Review By: richmo Nov 29, 2016

    Another great job...

  47. Review By: pbarrosojr Nov 24, 2016

    Great as always.... Nathan is a wondereful and creative pr, he never fails...

  48. Review By: nicksimpson Nov 24, 2016

    Thankyou very much! Always a pleasure!

  49. Review By: richmo Nov 23, 2016

    Really happy with what Nathan did. Great performance and he's very accommodating. Highly recommended.

  50. Review By: yayaks Nov 20, 2016

    Nathan - tremendous job once again. Commission him three times now with exactly the results I need. Great attitude, great voice.

  51. Review By: bendikg Nov 19, 2016

    Great quality as always!

  52. Review By: defriddim Oct 22, 2016

    As always, Nathan did an excellent job with my project. Thank you, brother!

  53. Review By: pkjmusic Oct 20, 2016

    Really enjoyed working with Nathan. A versatile performer willing to go the extra mile to create a great recording.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  54. Review By: LSA7 Oct 17, 2016

    Nathan is a pleasure to work with. He is very cooperative and creative, and added some great stylings that I wouldn't have thought to suggest. Can't go wrong if you use him for vocals and harmonies. *****

  55. Review By: GarlandBaker Oct 16, 2016

    The vocals and full production work on my song was really excellent. Nathan, thanks again .

  56. Review By: sterlingbalance Oct 12, 2016

    Always a pleasure.

  57. Review By: sterlingbalance Sep 29, 2016

    Double thumbs up

  58. Review By: sterlingbalance Sep 29, 2016


  59. Review By: sterlingbalance Sep 29, 2016

    Great as always

  60. Review By: sterlingbalance Sep 19, 2016

    Nathan is class, talented and easy to work with.........I totally recommend.

  61. Review By: lane3 Sep 6, 2016


  62. Review By: salcose Aug 28, 2016

    Nathan did a great job on bringing my song to life. His lead and background vocals were just what I was looking for. Excellent communication and quick turnaround. It was a pleasure working with Nathan!

  63. Review By: pbarrosojr Aug 22, 2016

    Great as always. Nathan is a real pro...

  64. Review By: nokz01 Aug 21, 2016

    Nathan did a fantastic job with both the lead vocals and backing harmonies with my song. It took on a new life and I couldn't be happier with his performance. Everything was handled professionally and within the time frame I needed. I highly recommend him to sing your demo!

  65. Review By: GarlandBaker Aug 9, 2016

    Nathan is a very talented singer and did an outstanding job on my song. I will be doing more work with him in the future.

  66. Review By: TimJ Aug 7, 2016

    Thanks Nathan great vocal good luck with the upcoming shows. Tim

  67. Review By: Xaver Aug 5, 2016

    This was by far our best experience with a singer on airgigs. Nathan is one of the most talented singers we've heard and he did an amazing job on this project! Thank you so much!

  68. Review By: RichWill Jul 28, 2016

    Great vocalist!

  69. Review By: zok543 Jul 26, 2016

    Great work and vocals, much appreciated Nathan.

  70. Review By: Jalisetan Jul 15, 2016

    Another great experience. Nathan delivers time and again, and he always gives you something extra. You can't not feel inspired working with him.

  71. Review By: bendikg Jul 6, 2016

    Great voice and very professional! He gave me just what my song needed. I'll sure hire him again. Thank you Nathan!

  72. Review By: nicksimpson Jul 6, 2016

    great job, again :)

  73. Review By: Jalisetan Jul 4, 2016

    Nathan is a true pro; great voice, superb delivery; he'll give you all that and more.

  74. Review By: zok543 Jun 26, 2016

    Excellent work on the vocals, helping to bring the song to its conclusion.

  75. Review By: pbarrosojr May 31, 2016

    Great... Nathan always give you more than you ask, a fantastic pro...

  76. Review By: bendikg May 22, 2016

    Thanks for really great feedback!

  77. Review By: pbarrosojr May 18, 2016

    Nathan did it again... great work...

  78. Review By: musicmanfz Apr 15, 2016

    Nathan is a true professional and obviously has a passion for his work. Easy to work with, fast turnaround, very open to customer feedback, and most importantly, RESULTS! What more could you ask? Thanks, Nathan! You definitely helped me realize my vision. I hope we can work together again soon!

  79. Review By: sterlingbalance Apr 4, 2016

    fast and brilliant... again :)

  80. Review By: sterlingbalance Mar 28, 2016

    superb, as always :))

  81. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 5, 2016

    Great to work with...pro all the way!!!!!

  82. Review By: xtremeshot Mar 5, 2016

    Great to work with...pro all the way!!!

  83. Review By: cailowe Feb 14, 2016

    Awesome job Nathan! Thank you so much, love the vocals!

  84. Review By: sterlingbalance Jan 20, 2016

    Nathan did a great job again. Thumbs up.

  85. Review By: TBlizz Dec 23, 2015

    Great voice and performance. Tracks are clean, very well recorded and don’t need further editing or tuning. Will surely use again!

  86. Review By: sterlingbalance Dec 21, 2015

    Highly recommend Nathan. So easy to work with and good work every time.

  87. Review By: DaveM Dec 14, 2015

    Nathan’s a fine sounding vocalist and easy to work with. He paid attention to the details of what was required and knows just how to capture the emotional context of a song. I’d be happy to use Nathan again any time. All in all, many thanks to you Nathan – great job.

  88. Review By: Sunknight Nov 5, 2015

    Great Job Nathan! I love your voice. You took a difficult task and made it elegant and beautiful. I truly appreciate all the effort you put into these vocals. Thank so ever much!

  89. Review By: defriddim Oct 29, 2015

    Very efficient and talented, as always. Nathan always gets the job done, right, and on time. Thank you so much for the masterfully done vocals!!!

  90. Review By: Aaronnelson1977 Oct 12, 2015

    Nathan did a great job. In particular, he started by recording a sample vocal in my original key and also in his preferred key - which led to me re-pitching the backing to suit his voice. He then nailed the lead and harmony lines. Thanks so much!

  91. Review By: Frank Oct 2, 2015

    It was a very good experience to work with Nathan. He delivered clear, clean and great sounding vocals.!. He was also very helpful in the reviews and paid attention to all details. Thanks.

  92. Review By: sterlingbalance Oct 1, 2015

    Great work by Nathan and super fast turn around, but just as important - good communication. Nice tones on his voice too. So easy to work with. Will definitely be using his vocals again very soon.

  93. Review By: sterlingbalance Oct 1, 2015

    Nathan did a great job, was professional, really open in comms, and it was all very easy and fast. No need for revisions as he did a great job first time. Highly recommend working with him.

  94. Review By: defriddim Sep 29, 2015

    Great work, like always.

  95. Review By: timjdarling Aug 18, 2015

    Great voice and dedication!

  96. Review By: greatrays Jul 20, 2015

    Nathan is a joy to work with and also a very talented singer, musician, and producer. Oh and don't forget a wonderful person! Thank you so much Nathan!

  97. Review By: rockoranything May 31, 2015

    Great communication and delivers exceptional work!

  98. Review By: carlene May 17, 2015

    Another awesome production by Nathan! I have been blessed!

  99. Review By: erikh May 12, 2015

    Thanks Nathan!, Your ideas helps a lot!

  100. Review By: carlene Mar 13, 2015

    Working with Nathan was a joy and a blessing. He listens. He guides. He's a perfectionist with an awesome ear. He's a great musician and vocalist. I honestly can't recommend him highly enough, but don't order his gigs just yet. I have several more songs I want him to work on. :)

  101. Review By: ioannist Mar 8, 2015

    Golden ears, professional results, nothing less :) thank you!

  102. Review By: ioannist Mar 8, 2015

    Such a great vocalist and musician! A perfect blend of emotion and technical excellence and… a total pleasure to work with :)

  103. Review By: ioannist Mar 8, 2015

    Such a great vocalist and musician! A perfect blend of emotion and technical excellence and… a total pleasure to work with :)

  104. Review By: dderry Mar 4, 2015

    Great Job! Many Thanks. Excellent vocals!!

  105. Review By: nigmarod Feb 21, 2015

    Nathan is an awesome vocalist and great seller. I have worked with him for nearly a year and he has delivered every-time. I recommend his services. You will not be dissappointed.

  106. Review By: Roman182 Feb 12, 2015

    Great vocal work once again, thank you Nathan!

  107. Review By: Roman182 Feb 3, 2015

    Great vocal work, experience, and professionalism. Thank you Nathan!

  108. Review By: greatrays Dec 30, 2014

    Great job as always Nathan, and so professional. I appreciate it!!!

  109. Review By: greatrays Dec 15, 2014

    thanks Nathan, you were very helpful!

  110. Review By: greatrays Dec 13, 2014

    great job Nathan!

  111. Review By: Solardaze Dec 8, 2014

    Nathan absolutely nailed the background vocals. He brought the song to life! Use him!!

    Solardaze Music

  112. Review By: marck Dec 8, 2014

    Super Job. Very sharp harmonies, great singing. Heartfelt, perfect!

  113. Review By: Solardaze Dec 6, 2014

    Nathan was great to work with. Took feedback and applied it perfectly. A pro.

  114. Review By: erikh Nov 17, 2014

    Thanks Nathan, You really did a great job on this one!

  115. Review By: Ravenccs Nov 3, 2014

    Nathan is an absolute pleasure to work with! What an awesome voice! Every vocal is perfect ! Nathan not only delivers a top notch product, but he is easy to work with​, has a continuous positive helpful attitude, and uses his excellent communication skills to make sure he delivers what you want!

  116. Review By: Ravenccs Nov 3, 2014

    Nathan is an absolute pleasure to work with! The result is AWESOME! Nathan not only delivers a top notch product, but he is easy to work with​, has a continuous positive helpful attitude, and uses his excellent communication skills to make sure he delivers the product you want. I plan on working

  117. Review By: nigmarod Oct 21, 2014

    Awesome vocal work. Repeated hire.

  118. Review By: nigmarod Oct 21, 2014

    Great vocalist. And great person. I highly recommend Nathan for your project. He is as professional as they come in this world we live in .

  119. Review By: solosurge Oct 3, 2014

    Perfect!!! Thank you very much.

  120. Review By: wellingtune Sep 29, 2014

    Nathan provided beautiful harmonies for my song. He is a gifted individual who knows just the song needs. Thank you, Nathan.

  121. Review By: wellingtune Sep 29, 2014

    I gave Nathan a rough idea for a song and he turned it into a diamond. A gifted singer, Nathan provides excellent lead vocals with beautiful harmonies. Don't look anywhere else for vocals-Nathan will deliver pro quality tracks.

  122. Review By: VogelT Sep 20, 2014

    Hi Nathan, thanks for the files! I only have Harmony Vox 1 as MP3 - can I please get the wave file? I won't have time to listen to all the files before next week - if I have any questions, I wiull get back to you then.

    Cheers, Micha

  123. Review By: Jason Sep 15, 2014

    Great job.

  124. Review By: Jason Sep 12, 2014

    I love it! Fantastic job. We should finish up the characters next week then start the animations. Hopefully, we will have our first animation done by the end of this month.

  125. Review By: Jason Sep 9, 2014

    Another awesome job by Nathan. He is the best!

  126. Review By: Jason Sep 4, 2014

    Awesome work!

  127. Review By: Jason Sep 3, 2014

    Thumbs up

  128. Review By: wellingtune Sep 3, 2014

    When you hire Nathan, you will get nothing but high quality recordings and professionalism from him. Highly recommended!!!

  129. Review By: wellingtune Sep 3, 2014


    Send the tracks separately.

    Thank you.

  130. Review By: danley Aug 31, 2014

    Thumbs up

  131. Review By: danley Aug 30, 2014

    Thumbs up

  132. Review By: danley Aug 29, 2014

    Thumbs up

  133. Review By: soundsunique Aug 21, 2014

    After an initial misunderstanding, Nathan worked very hard to ensure that all was exactly as I required, sending me example mixes and amending his style as per my feedback. An excellent, hard working singer that I thoroughly recommend.

  134. Review By: nigmarod Jul 19, 2014

    Thumbs up

  135. Review By: nigmarod Jul 2, 2014

    Nathan is a professional top notch vocalist. He should be selling millions of records one day soon as a solo artist. I have used his vocal talents 3 times and I'm not stopping at 3. I highly recommend his services. Great Job Brother.

  136. Review By: russeml Jun 24, 2014

    5* performance and recording! thanks again!

  137. Review By: stevenroberts Jun 18, 2014

    Nathan did a great job on this project and it was done in a timely fashion.

  138. Review By: nigmarod Jun 17, 2014

    Awesome all around talent. Nathan is a superstar as a vocalist, musician as well as in an array if other skill sets. I highly recommend his services. Kudos

  139. Review By: russeml Jun 10, 2014

    Flawless performance and very professional to work with! lovely vocal tone. thanks!

  140. Review By: nigmarod May 16, 2014

    Hi Nathan. really great job man. You are an overall talented dude and your wife is awesome also. If you like to send files to my dropbox to share folders then my dropbox name is rodney mayfield

  141. Review By: SourFish May 7, 2014

    Nathan is a great singer, easy to work with and gave an awesome performance on my song. Recommended.

  142. Review By: krovere5 Apr 19, 2014

    Another awesome track by Nathan !

  143. Review By: nigmarod Apr 16, 2014

    Nathan is an awesome vocalist and a pretty nice guy. He is very talented and always render what I am seeking in a vocalist. I recommend this service. Thanks Again. God Bless.

  144. Review By: nigmarod Apr 12, 2014

    Nathan is an excellent vocalist. He has a versatile polished singing voice and there are not many male vocalist that can compare execution wise. I highly recommend him, you will not regret it. Thanks


  145. Review By: jazzopie Apr 8, 2014

    3rd time using Nathan's services. I was so happy with the first 2 jobs, I decided to hand over some really basic tracks on a song early in development. Just to have a chance to work around his vocal delivery... He did a great job with not much to work with but a melody in my often frog-like voice.

  146. Review By: jazzopie Mar 26, 2014

    I wish I was Nathan, his pipes are incredible! Luckily I can hire him, for the time being....He works hard at getting what you want, and delivers every time. This guy is going places...Get him while you can! An incredible talent that will enhance your song beyond your dreams! Thanks Nathan!

  147. Review By: jazzopie Mar 17, 2014

    Your song is, in your way, like your baby. You can find a great and versatile singer like Nathan, but your also going to need someone who is going to take care of and love your baby as much as you do. Nathan does both and I am 100% satisfied! 2 thumbs up!

  148. Review By: murciano Mar 12, 2014

    Thumbs up

  149. Review By: vzprod Mar 6, 2014

    Quick and Quality! Thanks, Nathan!

  150. Review By: Bman123 Mar 3, 2014

    Awesome Awesome Awesome. Very professional and a super fast turnaround!!!

  151. Review By: danihell Feb 17, 2014

    Great¡¡¡ Thanks Nathan...:)

  152. Review By: eramstad Feb 5, 2014

    Nathan was great. Thoughtful and professional. Got the vibe of my song and sang it beautifully.

  153. Review By: solosurge Feb 2, 2014

    I hired Nathan for lead vocals first and decided to try his talent for harmonies. No regrets what so ever. He always give you an option and ideas to choose from. Very easy to work with and professionally done.

  154. Review By: solosurge Feb 2, 2014

    Awesome singer! He did exactly what I asked for and even more. I will defiantly hire him again for my next project.

  155. Review By: krovere5 Jan 22, 2014

    Great harmonies ! I wish I had his control and perfect pitch ! Can't wait to use him again !

  156. Review By: krovere5 Jan 22, 2014

    I can't recommend Nathan more highly. I've sent him two songs so far and they both came back in a very timely fashion and of course his pitch is perfect ! His producing skills are great too. .Can't wait to send more tracks his way. He was a blessing to work with

  157. Review By: pmora Jan 18, 2014

    Nathan is one of the most Talented Musicians and Singers I've ever worked with. Add to that his incredible kindness and passion, and this project went from unsatisfactory to highly Successful. All because of Nathan graciously contributing his talents!!

  158. Review By: VogelT Jan 9, 2014

    In one word: Perfect! Nathan provided excellent vocals, was open to suggestions and last-minute-changes and delivered fast & faultless. Did I mention it sounded perfect? :-) A true pro.

  159. Review By: VogelT Jan 9, 2014

    In one word: Perfect! Nathan provided excellent vocals, was open to suggestions and last-minute-changes and delivered fast & faultless. Did I mention it sounded perfect? :-) A true pro.

  160. Review By: stream6 Dec 21, 2013

    It's always a pleasure and an honor to work with him. The most talented artist I know and a beautiful person! Fast and professional and a very kind person. All the best to you!

  161. Review By: Availian Dec 14, 2013

    Hello Nathan, i confirm that i have downloaded and received the Files.
    Furthermore i confirm that this Order is to my highest satisfaction fulfilled.
    I give you my word that we continue working and give you further details
    in our communication via the Inbox ! Thanks men, great work ! Andi

  162. Review By: Zedian Dec 7, 2013

  163. Review By: Zedian Dec 7, 2013

    Thumbs up

  164. Review By: defriddim Nov 30, 2013

    Nathan was one of the most efficient people that I have worked with yet! Thank you so much for the great job!!!

  165. Review By: j0001s Nov 3, 2013

    Nathan did a great job. Extremely easy to work with. Not only did he do an excellent initial pass, he was able to understand and execute what I was looking for during the revision stage.

    Highly recommended.

  166. Review By: danihell Oct 8, 2013

    if you need a voice full of feeling, definitely Nathan can do it. Great¡¡

  167. Review By: danihell Oct 8, 2013

    professionalism, great voice. excellent person, I have no words. Thanks Nathan¡¡

  168. Review By: TreyG Sep 25, 2013

    Hi Nathan! Not a problem. A baby boy? Wow, congrats!!!!!

  169. Review By: danihell Sep 9, 2013

    Great voice, profesional work, and the best, a great person. Thanks Nathan, I will continue working with you

  170. Review By: TreyG Jul 29, 2013

    Hey Nathan! Very good job! Send me what you got. Thanks!

  171. Review By: stream6 Jul 15, 2013

    An amazing artist to work with. His kindness, patience and professionalism make him one of the best vocalist available. Absolutely recommended!