Drums & Bass Rhythm Section 4 years touring and recording together for $175

In Backing Bands 100% Guarantee By Jeremy Warren

Drums & Bass Rhythm Section 4 years touring and recording together for $175

By choosing us, you will be choosing and rhythm section that has toured together since 2012. We have recorded on Billboard charting albums, tracked used on 2014 & 2015 NBC Sunday Night Football national broadcast. We have also toured nationally 10 months each year for 4 years and counting. We are as solid together as a Rhythm Section can be.

Each order can consist of two takes of each instrument. Bass guitar, drum set track, percussion track (shaker, tambourine, claps, etc), and programmed loop. I will provide an MP3 of all three roughly mixed together. If you would like me to make a revision I will be happy to make two revisions. Once you are happy with the track. I will edit them and send individual WAV files of each mic/track in the full take. All tracks will be recorded either in my home studio or larger commercial studio.

1 Take of Drums (Drums, Percussion, & or Loop)
2 Takes of Bass (one dry & one with effects)
Two revisions
Final Edit

My equipment is as follows:

Gretsch Maple

Ludwig 6.5"x14" Suprarphonic Chrome Over Brass
Ludwig 5”x14” Superaphonic 1970
Ludwig 5”x14” Acrolite 1960
Ludwig 6.5”x14” Bronze 2002
Ludwig 5”x14” Maple
Nashville Drum Dr. 4”x”14” Maple
Custom Stave 8”x14” Oak
Custom Stave 6”x”14” Walnut
Pearl Masters 6”x14” Birch
Pork Pie 7”x”13” Lil Squealer
Vintage Marching Drum 10”x14”

Paiste 24” Ride Giant Beat
Paiste 22” Ride Masters
Zildjian 20” Ride A-Custom
Paiste 20” Crash Giant Beat
Paiste 20” Crash 2002
Zildjian 18” Crash A-Custom
Zildjian 18” Vintage
Soultone 18” Vintage series
Soultone 16” Custom series
Paiste 15” Hi-Hats Masters
Zildjian 14” Hi-Hats A-Custom
Zildjian 13” Hi-Hats ZBT
Zildjian 8” Splash A-Custom
Paiste 18” Swiss
Zildjian 18” O-Zone

various shakers
Various Tambourines
Wood Blocks
Various noisemakers

Logic Pro X
Pro Tools HD

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