I will edit your podcast/voiceover/speech/radio program/ any spoken word for $7

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I will edit your podcast/voiceover/speech/radio program/ any spoken word for $7

Attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I learned many audio production techniques that will help me make your podcast/show/radio program sound clear, understandable, and professional.

I have a background in Radio Production where I have worked with audio extensively and know how to make it sound great and pleasing to the listeners. I have worked on many radio commercials both from an audio editing perspective as well as a production perspective and can give feedback and advice. I have recorded and edited programs/ voice overs/ preaches, and spots and have made intro/outros, background music, and much more to make your audio program come alive whether it's for a podcast platform, a radio platform, or even a video streaming platform such as youtube.

My Services.

Audio Editing Bundle:

Remove ahs, ums, breaths and unwanted mouth noises
Remove words, sentences or entire sections
Eliminate or reduce plosives (popped P's), sibilance (hissing "S" in words)
Remove silence or gaps and give a smoother flow with no awkward stops
Change the timing or speed of words, phrases or entire section
Audio clean up by reducing background noise and hiss as well as clicks and pops

15 mins or less - 7$
30 mins or less - 12$
60 mins or less - 17$
60 mins + - 22$

Audio Enhancement Bundle

If you fixing mistakes and cleaning up your audio is all you want then the Audio Editing Bundle is perfect but for an *Extra 3 Dollars* I will include audio enhancement which includes
* EQ (Boost and Cut certain frequencies in your voice to improve clarity.
*Compression (no more quiet sections in your recording, this process will match the levels across your whole recording to make things sound more even, understandable, and more professional.
*Limiting and Normalization - I will match the volume output of you recording (measured in db) to the industry standard of about -6db to -3 db to increase the volume of your recording without creating distortion or picking up unwanted sound from the noise floor.
*Reverb, Delay, and other effects to enhance the voice added by request or as seen fit.

Intros/outros/ background music/ sponser advertisement/ anything else to be included in the final product that is sent to me can be included at no extra cost to you!!

I normally give 3 revisions to clients to be used make changes/requests.if not satisfied.

I love what I do and take pride in my work. My main goal is just to make you, as the client, happy and satisfied!

Spot for Radio Commercial

I recorded/edited the voice work, wrote and produced the spot and found music to add underneath
  • Spot for Radio Commercial

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