Audio Production/Editing, Multiple Instruments for $175

In Audio Editing By Leonardo Garcia

Audio Production/Editing, Multiple Instruments for $175

I am a producer, session musician, multi instrumentalist, composer and arranger. I can record a wide variety genres and instruments in my studio: Piano, bass, trumpets, trombone, saxophones, acoustic and electric guitars, drums and percussion.

I can work with you on the instrumentation needed for your project and how many tracks of each you will need or require and we can customize the rate for your multi-track project.
If you are needing Vocal tuning or instrument tuning as part of the audio editing, I may customize a pricing model to accommodate the project and budget.

I will provide you:
High quality audio of the session in .WAV format. should you need other formats, we may discuss.

Genres range from Pop, R&B, Jazz, Latin Jazz and Salsa, Funk, and more.


Latin Ballad
  • Suenos
  • Esmeraldas

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