Vocal Recording N1 London - 4hr sessions for $110

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Vocal Recording N1 London - 4hr sessions for $110

Perfect for voiceovers, singing and rapping.

Excellent top of the range microphones.

Telefunken CU29
Telefunken AK47


Microphones make such a difference, the better the mic the better clarity and detail in your voice.

The gear you record through does too...

Realios A9031 Mic Pre
Crane Song Falcon Compressor
Maag Q4
Shadow Hills Dual Vandagraph
Universal Audio LA-610
Manley Core
Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard
Focal B6 Twins

$110 pays for just the recording and a four hour slot. Please repeat booking for more time as well as heading over to our Mixing and Mastering Vocal service where we can edit and add effects (autotuning/pitch edit, reverb, compression, eq-ing etc)

Please message for a showreel of our work.

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