Session Cleanup Editing – I get it ready for the Mix! for $50

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Session Cleanup Editing – I get it ready for the Mix! for $50

I own Brown Donkey Studio in California and have been working in the music industry for 15 years.

I will edit the instrument and vocals tracks in your song and prepare your material for the mixing stage. I run a Pro Tools only studio. Most people think that this is included with the “Mixing process” and it is not. Most completed tracked sessions are a complete mess and it is not proper etiquette to expect the mix engineer to tackle this as well.

Editing/mixing prep will allow your song to sound crystal, clear and professional and “tighten it all up”. The track count in the project is limited to 32, anything more will be extra. The number of revisions is limited to 1.

I will align all instruments and all vocals with the correct tempo, fix the mistakes of a performance, remove noise, hisses, pops in the sound itself and apply appropriate fades. I can help with pitch correction manually in all vocal parts as well as in all solo instruments. I use Melodyne now and then but do most things manually.
Editing takes up to 3 days depending on the complexity of the project. I end my editing session with a quick mix of your song only to balance the levels and flow.
Finally, I will send you the stems of each track ready for the final mix. All in WAV or AIFF form consolidated in start to finish regions for easy importing into the mix stage.

Mixing and Mastering are the optional next steps you can hire me for as an “add on” as well to any order.

Contact me with any further questions you may have.

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