Passionate and Professional Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering for $20

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Passionate and Professional Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering for $20

I will provide a passionate edit, mix and master of your music. I love music and I love making music, I will work on every song like its my own, working to take it to the next level and turn a good song into a great song. I will provide a full professional sounding mix. This means not just doing level adjustment, compression and EQ. Anyone can do that. I will provide panning and volume automation, reverbs and delays, phasers and flangers and choruses and other various effects. I will make your songs sound professional and unique. Im here to create great music, not to make a quick buck.

I mix primarily in the box, as I have no analog gear as of now. However I can re-amp guitars, record live drums and vocals if needed. If you are looking for that "analog sound". Whatever it may be, there are plenty of ways that I can replicate it inside of ProTools to deliver your ideal product.

What I provide:
- Professional Edits
- Professional Mix
- Basic Master (I am a mix engineer mostly, however I can do basic mastering, i.e., Compression, EQ and volume increase)
- Unlimited Revisions! (I believe that the customer is always right, I want to deliver a product that you are happy with)
- Unlimited Tracks! (If you are doing something crazy, like 75 tracks or more, there may be a slight payment increase)
- Unlimited Edits!
- Unlimited Takes!
- Mix and Master will be $100 per song, $20 is for edits only.

Disclaimer: The songs in my portfolio are not my songs and I have no rights to these songs, besides the rights to use them in my portfolio.

Model Decoy - Hearts in Atlantis
“This track is used with permission by Model Decoy and URM Academy. The original production was done by Alex Prieto and Ari Sadowitz and the original mix was Alex Prieto. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release.”

Band Links
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The Gallery - Young & Restless
This was provided to me by Warren Huart and the wonderful people at Produce Like a Pro and in the Gallery.

Warren Huart was the original Producer and Mixing Engineer and you can find the original song and band links here

The Gallery - Young & Restless

My mix of Young & Restless by The Gallery
  • The Gallery - Young & Restless
  • Model Decoy - Hearts in Atlantis

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