Get your podcast to compete with top shows! for $10

In Audio Editing By Nekoda Renken

Get your podcast to compete with top shows! for $10

I have experience producing, editing, mixing, mastering, hosting and posting podcast episodes and shows. I can help you take your podcast to the next level by improving the overall production and sound quality of your show.

If you have a recorded episode, send it to me and I will edit it down to sound smooth. If you have theme music, an intro/outro, ads, etc. just let me know where you'd like them and I'll make sure they flow together. I'll mix and master the episode so it sounds clean and crisp! The sound quality also depends on your original recording. If you're needing help with your recording room setup, I can give you tips and advice to get the best possible sound out of what you have!

Backcountry Dreaming Podcast

Here's a clip from a show I produce
  • Backcountry Dreaming Podcast

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