Professional Vocal Tuning for $100

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Professional Vocal Tuning for $100

Get your vocal tracks tuned by a professional for that "Perfect Performance" sound. All vocal tuning is done by hand, and with the greatest of skill, so that only you will know that they have been tuned. To everyone else they will just sound "right".

Provide me with your individual mono vocal track files in .wav format, along with a stereo music only track. The files will be tuned and returned to you in the same bit depth and sample rate that you provided.

This service is sold per song. High vocal track counts and songs over 6 minutes will be subject to an additional $25 fee.

1 Review

  1. Review By: mixohoytian Jun 21, 2018

    A+++++++ Attention to detail and super professional.

  2. Review By: tarikghi Oct 15, 2014

    John's ability as a music editer is unsurpassed. Very high standards. I was really impressed by professionalism and the turn around was very quick. The final edited drum tracks were perfect and spot on for the project I was working on. I will be using John's services again.