Autotune MANUAL Vocal Pitch Correction and Vocal Alignment for $10

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Autotune MANUAL Vocal Pitch Correction and Vocal Alignment for $10

2 Revisions. Includes manual pitch correction (professionally tune each note, we don't just put it on auto and charge you money) and timing adjustments to provide the cleanest vocal sample possible. Additional effects like Reverb and Delay (to provide a full, professional sound) may be purchased separately.
Limit 4 minutes in length, limit 5 tracks for tuning.

With over 20 years combined experience with our engineers producing, mixing and mastering all styles of music, we operate out of a professionally tuned studio in Southwest Florida. Our equipment includes 3 sets of studio monitors for reference mixing, (ranging from Neuman KH120, to KRKs, including woofers and a separate room designed to mix bass heavy music) and we have over 8 complete stereo systems in the studio to ensure your sound is optimized for any system. We have all the tools to get your sound right, from industry leading plug-ins like the Izotope bundles and Autotune to an array of analog and digital equipment, as well as the knowledge and expertise to know which tool to use to maximize your potential. Follow the Soundcloud link to our Studios work.

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