I will make you a custom producer beat tag/ dj drop/ voice tag for $25

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I will make you a custom producer beat tag/ dj drop/ voice tag for $25

Are you a producer or beat-maker?

If you're ready to be taken seriously in this industry, it's time to brand yourself. A well-designed website, consistent content, and a clean mix are only the first steps to differentiating yourself from the pack. Let's face it, the market is over-saturated, and unfortunately, many artists nowadays are ruthless. They will rip your beat of YouTube, SoundCloud, and BeatStars. Even worse, they won't even bother to credit you. Since this is the case, we have to watermark everything we upload. Not only does a professional beat tag protect your hard-work from being stolen, but it also lets your audience know that you mean business!

Buying a beat tag should not be expensive or difficult.

Airgigs does a great job at making sure that both the customer and the seller have a fair and risk-free experience. If in any case you are not satisfied with your order, no worries! Every order comes with 2 free revisions and a money-back guarantee. I absolutely love leaving my clients in pure awe when they hear what I've made for them. Rest assured, you are in great hands!

Affordable, Hassle-Free, and Professional Sound.I will do a custom male vocal tag. I will send you the Wav file with and without the effects.

In this gig, you'll be getting:
- Fire sounds ✔
- Any way you like it ✔
- Crisp audio ✔
- No lag ✔
- Any effects ✔
- Good communication ✔
- High quality (Wav file and Mp3 file)✔
- With effect and without effect✔
- Custom word✔
- Just Dope af in general ✔

  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Electronic
  • House

Voice Tag Samples

This is just a few samples of the voice tags I can provide for you
  • Voice Tag Samples
  • Radio Drop Sample

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