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Female Voiceover for $30

Laini is a Female Voice Over Actor with years of studio experience as a singer, songwriter, and music recording artist, and is now building her portfolio as a voice over artist. With access to a high end in-home recording studio, Laini is able to produce/edit high quality, clean, voice recordings with short turn around times (See equipment list and voice over demo reel for audio samples).

The cost of services is $30 for up to 800 words with 3 revisions at no charge, and can be completed within 48 hours. For projects larger than 800 words, a custom order can be negotiated, but generally will cost approximately $30 per 800 words.

Laini also has a master's degree in clinical social work, and her soft, soothing voice naturally lends itself to genres such as self help, motivation, public service announcements, mental health, and medical voice overs. In addition to the above genres, Laini also is interested in recording voice overs for audiobooks, and various commercials. Her experience as a songwriter and performing musician translates well into these areas, as she understands the importance of using tone, diction, and emotion to convey the atmosphere of a piece of work.

She also demonstrates excellent articulation in her work, as she has extensive experience in public speaking from her previous job in the mental health field, as well as the radio shows and podcasts she has appeared on regarding her music.

Relevant Studio Equipment:

Telefunken CU-29 Microphone
Pre-amps: Rupert Neve Designs 511, AMS Neve 1073LB, BAE 1073MPL, BAE 312A
Universal Audio Apollo X8 Interface
ProTools 2018
Soundproof vocal booth

Audio Book Sample 2

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  • Audio Book Sample 1
  • Commercial Demo Reel

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