Ableton Live 1 Hour Lessons Via Zoom for $35

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Ableton Live 1 Hour Lessons Via Zoom for $35

This Airgigs service is for a 1 hour lesson on Ableton Live via Zoom. I can cover the following topics depending on your specific needs:

What makes Ableton different than traditional DAWs.
Using Live to operate backing tracks.
How to navigate and operate Ableton.
Routing and processing audio and MIDI signals.
Editing MIDI efficiently.
Mapping MIDI controllers.
Building custom audio and instrument racks and mapping macros.
Audio Warp modes, how they’re different and how each one is useful.
Slicing audio to MIDI (Chopping samples onto pads).

I will share my screen with you so you can see what I am doing while I explain it to you. These lessons can go down one of two roads. The first one is I point out all of the features of Ableton to you, explain what they're for and how they work, and show you examples of how and when you would implement them. The second road is that you just watch me create a track, asking any questions you have about what I'm doing along the way. I have found that the second road is more fun, but sometimes is more effective after going down the first road in the first session. If you already have a basic grasp of what Ableton can do, we can start down the second road but ultimately I will leave that up to you. Either way I guarantee you will learn a lot of valuable information about Ableton you didn't previously know before the lesson.

The track on this page "Be Woke," is an example of a track made in one of these lessons.

About Me: I am a touring and studio drummer based in Nashville, TN. I also provide Ableton Live consulting here in Nashville for artists that use Ableton to run backing tracks, and I build tracks as a songwriter and producer.

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Be Woke

Track that was made in an Ableton lesson I gave
  • Be Woke

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