Ableton Live 1 Hour Lessons Via Zoom for $40

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Ableton Live 1 Hour Lessons Via Zoom for $40

Struggling to wrap your mind around Ableton Live? Let me be your expert tour guide around this extremely powerful software. I have been using Live for production and track playback for over ten years and I am deeply familiar with all of its ins and outs, and even its more esoteric features that many users don’t even know about. When you purchase this service, we will exchange Zoom usernames and schedule a 1 hour session. What we do in this hour will be up to you. A few scenarios are:

Answering general or specific questions about Live (how does it work differently than other DAWs or, how do I map my MIDI controller to launch scenes?)

A tour around the software (learn shortcuts, how to build and launch scenes, how to build instrument racks, etc.)

Demonstrations of any of Live’s functions, or of using Live in various contexts like track production, djing, setting up and operating Live as a backing track system, etc (one time a client simply wanted to watch someone use Live to develop ideas into a track in real time.)

Basically, anything you could possibly want to know about or learn how to use in Ableton Live, I can teach you.

Nashville-based drummer Bryan Tewell has worked with several country and pop artists including Matt Stell, Chase McDaniel, Lily Rose, Chris Bandi, Jonny Lucas, Ryan Hurd, Katelyn Epperly, and many others.

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Be Woke

Demonstration track made during one of these lessons.
  • Be Woke

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