Chord Chart - Sheet Music for $75

In Transcription By Omar Blyde

Chord Chart - Sheet Music for $75

I will create a professional Chord Chart - Sheet Music for your song.
If you already have the chord chart and you want to transport it to another key, I can also do it

What include:
- Chord symbols and main musical notation (tempo marks, style, time and key signature, etc.).
- Structure and rehearsal marks (Section letters, repeats, etc.).
- General dynamics instructions.
- Main texts (title, author, arranger, etc.).

I work with Finale notation software. I can provide you .MUS file and/or a PDF document.

The song must be no longer than 5 minutes. It does not includes solo transcription .

Standard Chord Chart 75$
Plus Voice or Lead instrument line +20$
Plus Lyrics written +15 (provide lyrics written doc)

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Americana
  • Latin
  • Soul
  • World

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