Music transcription / Chart writing for $50

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Music transcription / Chart writing for $50

Do you need charts or music notation for your next gig, recital, or just to play along at home? Unfortunately not all resources on the internet provide accurate TABS or sheet music, which is why the safest option is to always ask a professional to accurately transcribe the music, and to be laid out in a way that is easiest for you to read!

Through my studies at university, I have had lots of experience transcribing and notating music, in a way that is easy to read on the gig! I often write up charts for top 40 cover bands, through to more complex music that requires complicated rhythmic figures or riffs to be notated out.

Let me know what songs you need charted, and how you would like them presented, and I will send back the charts in a layout that I think would make learning the tune most achievable. Please see the photos of some charts I have transcribed for clients in the past. TABS also available on request.

All my charts are made in Sibelius 7 First, so I will send you them in PDF format and also the sibelius file if you need to change keys or the arrangement. You can always let me know if you would like the charts tweaked, to ensure that they are laid out in a way that is easiest for you to read! Available for music of Contemporary genres.

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