Mix past and present with a 60s/70s touch for $200

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Mix past and present with a 60s/70s touch for $200

Mix past and present, you can give me your 2017 Dance, EDM or other modern styles mixes and i'd add a vintage section, like a rhodes with a jazzy touch, a funky bass, a flugelhorn, glamorous and sparkling Disco strings, a vintage romantic and rythmic retro piano, a classic 60s organ or guitar and more. You can hear my demos of totally vintage 60s and 70s music. I always send short samples before formalization.

Apart of the demos included in Airgigs, you can hear much more here, like orchestral Disco music or Jazz/Funk:


This service is only for add several instruments (max 3, like strings, clavinet and bass or other combinations), if you want a complete retro arrangement, this service is for that:


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