Record/Arrange Acoustic Version of any Song + Female Vocals for $100

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Altin Gjoni

Record/Arrange Acoustic Version of any Song + Female Vocals for $100

Hi and welcome to our gig!

We are Track n' Train, an acoustic trio band and we would love to make your acoustic song/cover come to life.

We have been active in performing shows and recording session for the last 4 Years. Our style is a mixture of blues, soul, rock, and pop.
Erina's vocals ( the lead singer) as you will hear, are very powerful and versatile.
The guitars are all live recorded ( I, Altin, am the lead guitar player, you can check out my other services if you are interested).

We offer

1- A full rendition of your song your requested mixed plus RAW stems.

The song will be an acoustic version of the track you send, the number of instruments used can be discussed. For the basic price of 75 you will get 2 acoustic guitar tracks + 1 lead track that can be electric or acoustic

2- Rendition of the song + vocals (if you need them)

We record acoustic guitars through industry standard Shure sm-57 and vocals through Neumann Mic.

You will find a couple of covers on the gallery above. Also, we are open to special requests and original compositions for you if you require them as an extra.

Please message before ordering so that we can find the perfect way to deliver the best work possible.

Original Song

Dragon Fly
  • Original Song
  • Bang Bang+ Whole Lotta Love
  • Bloodstream - Incubus Acoustic

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