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How it Works

The Concept: A marketplace & community of recording, mixing and mastering professionals working on projects from their own studios.

The Goal: To open up new possibilities for music production via online collaboration and a new income stream for sound designers, session musicians and audio engineers. And why do we think it's possible? "Virtual" collaboration is already happening all over the music world, and AirGigs is just a central platform where people can post services for their skills and talents.

The Process: On AirGigs, sellers post music production services that they can deliver online. They set the terms, provide representative audio samples and specify what materials (rough mixes, session files, formats, etc) that they require from buyers. All communication and file exchange happens through the Airgigs system. However, files in excess of 50mb are transferred via third party applications like Dropbox or WeTransfer. Buyers can leave reviews of services they have purchased.

The Finances: When a buyer purchases a service, payment is made through PayPal. AirGigs holds payment until the service as been delivered and then takes a 7% commission from the seller.

The Benefits: For sellers the benefit is obvious - we handle all the marketing and you make money doing what you're best at. Buyer's have the opportunity to browse offerings from amazingly talented people all over the world. is currently in Beta, and we will be adding new features and functionality as the community grows.

Privacy & Protection

AirGigs works hard to protect users from scammers and seller misrepresentation, by having buyers pay AirGigs directly when purchasing a service. Seller's receive proceeds of a completed service after the order has been delivered and reviewed by the buyer. 

At AirGigs, user information is always kept private and secure, our users can choose to remain anonymous even when paying or getting paid. Buyers and sellers are entitled to cancel orders that have not been delivered on time, or at all.

AirGigs strives to protect sellers against fraudulent activity, including removal of false feedback or ratings left by other sellers. We invest a lot of time and effort in making sure that untrusted people stay away from

AirGigs provides 24x7 customer support services (Email: / Phone: (800) 641-2545 to assist you with account issues, orders and any type of problem with the site.

Poor quality sellers hurt the AirGigs community and the other great sellers on the site. If you are a seller and your account has been restricted, suspended, or blocked, you will be able to withdraw your cleared earnings. All subject to our Terms of Service.