Professional Cello recording, String Arrangement for $99

In Violin, Viola, Cello 100% Guarantee By Guido Scharmer-Choi

Professional Cello recording, String Arrangement for $99

I studied Cello in Berlin and Leipzig , Germany. I played as a Cellist in the Radio Symphony Orchestra of Berlin and collaborated as a Cellist and Co-Producer for Labels like Universal and Armada.

I track through Neumann U87AI or KM184, SPL Goldmike9844 or WA 273-EQ Preamp, UA Apollo Twin Interface. I listen to my recordings on Neumann KH310 speaker to make sure that the best sound is provided and record in a room that is very much prepared for recording (very dry/well diffused) to take the recording to any style you want afterwards.
I play and record on an old italian cello.

I´m working in Ableton Live and can also provide Sets instead of Audiotracks in the case of additional Midi Arrangements of strings to recordings to work with any further.

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