Violin, Layered Harmonies (Free Demo) for $75

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Violin, Layered Harmonies (Free Demo) for $75

I am a composer/ instrumentalist, and offer to lend my violin, along with 23 years of playing experience, to your musical projects

The beauty of this gig is that I can add multiple layers of sound. Some would even call this my speciality! So if you are looking for a string section, I can achieve this by playing with the equalisation and panning on each component track. Interestingly enough, with a little fine tuning it's possible to make a violin sound like a viola, or even a cello! But if you're looking for a more simple harmonic accompaniment, don't worry, as this can also be arranged!

Having composed and produced my own projects for the last six years, I have expertise in mixing and editing multi-track arrangements with complex harmonic patterns. I'm also a talented improviser, and am familiar with styles as diverse as Rock, Folk, Classical, Swing, Pop, Funk, Blues, R&B and Gypsy Jazz.

On the understanding that communication is key to the success of any joint venture, you can expect to hear from me quite often throughout the process! It goes without saying that my goal will be to add to your project to the best of my ability, and in harmony with your expressed desires. And of course, I'll work until you're fully satisfied with the result.

I kindly ask all customers to send me an .mp3 of their song in advance, before booking, so that I can be sure that a given project is a good fit.

Please note that this gig includes 2 free revisions, after which a $10 fee per revision applies. Also, I play exclusively by ear and "feel", so I am not a good fit to play written arrangements.

Free Demo - I am happy to offer a free demo of a short section of your song with violin added. Just send me an mp3 in a private message, and we'll take it from there.

Another Summer's Sun Sets

Original Composition from the album
  • Another Summer's Sun Sets
  • Vulture Eyes
  • Snowflake

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