VIOLIN: Professional | Creative | Fast for $75

In Violin, Viola, Cello 100% Guarantee By Javier Orman

VIOLIN: Professional | Creative | Fast for $75

"Javier is a true PRO! His work is over-the-top amazing! He is quick, easy to work with, and an extremely gifted violinist I hope to use again and again in my work. Simply fabulous!" -Brenda L.

---- This service is for up to 1 minute of recording. Please make multiple orders for longer recordings. ----

Hello! I'm Javier. I am a professional violinist and composer in Chicago. I've recorded hundreds of times in various styles... Classical, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop and for all types of visual media.

Recently, I composed and recorded a fiddle tune that was featured in NBC sitcom Will & Grace and I've collaborated with Cubeatz (Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, etc.) for years.

I enjoy collaborating with great artists from all genres, including hip-hop singer/producer Skylar Grey, Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Duncan Sheik and Classical crossover pianist Christopher O'Riley (NPR's From the Top).

Over the last 7 years, I've been writing, recording and performing with my violin-and-guitar duo KOZM, described as "the most rock ’n’ roll pair of classically trained musicians working today” by 21st Century Musician. Our mashup of TV Themes was featured nationally on AMC.

When I'm not performing or recording, I produce electronic music and compose for film and video-games.

+ Experienced recording artist in Los Angeles (Billy Ray Cyrus, X-Men, AMC, Skylar Grey, etc.)
+ Violinist and composer with KOZM
+ 10+ years of performing, recording and arranging experience
+ Trained with some of the best teachers in the country (full scholarship Master's degree in Music from the University of Michigan)
+ Professional gear/studio
+ Reliable, flexible and focused on quality

My recordings are perfect for:
+ singer/songwriter and rock tracks
+ film scores
+ pop/electronic producers
+ commercials with quick turnarounds

I play an Oliver Radke violin (2002) with a warm but powerful tone. I also chose my gear specifically with the sound of this violin in mind.
Mic 1: Cathedral Pipes 'St Jean Baptiste' (modeled after the Neumann U47 FET)
Mic 2: Peluso TR-14 (tube ribbon)
Mic 3: DPA 4099v (miniature condenser)
Apogee Quartet: excellent preamps and interface
DAWs: Protools, Logic and Ableton

I look forward to working on your project!

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