String Tracks (Violin, Viola, Electric Violin, Arrangements, String Section) for $115

In Violin, Viola, Cello 100% Guarantee By Andrew Ellis Valdini

String Tracks (Violin, Viola, Electric Violin, Arrangements, String Section) for $115

Get that 60's soul, that Al Green sound, that Etta James swoon.

I'm a violin and viola player with extensive string section performance and arrangement experience. The string tracks I produce follow classic rules of harmony and counterpoint. My string tracks elevate your song, support your vocals, and move your audience. I thrive on making fresh, original music, whether it sounds traditional, or straight up off center! Give your tracks authentic shimmer, vibe, and soul that only comes from a real string section - no software instrument could ever match it.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. You can expect consistent communication and sample recordings before the order is finalized. I want to help you get what you want.

Whether it's Rock, Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, R&B, EDM, Christian, Gospel, Seasonal, Children, Film or Classical, Let's make your music the best it can be!

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At Last Intro

Multi-track recording of violin and viola performing my transcription of the classic Etta James introduction
  • At Last Intro

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