My name is Everett Schuster, I am the head engineer, and creator of BackPack Audio. We are a brand new on-site recording company located in good ol' Nashville, TN. We are capable of recording just about anything, anywhere. We also provide online hosted audio editing, and mixing services. Your robust high-fidelity sound is our top priority.

Our website is BackPackAudio.com
Some of our top services are listed below:

On-Site Recording:
We have the equipment and know-how needed to record you at any location. That means we can record R&B drums in your aunt’s fancy living room, a guitar solo in a racquetball court, even a full length Halloween album in that that creepy abandoned barn over there. If you tell us what you want to record and where you want to record it, we will be there.

Seamless Editing Services:
Vocal Tuning - Our top editing service
Drum Quantization - Timing is everything
Track Composting - Optimizing your takes
Unwanted Noise/Sound Removal - Lo-Fi is cool, Hi-Fi is cooler

Master-Ready Mixing:
We are not "set it, forget it" engineers, no corners are cut, and we do not treat any two mixes the same. Different genres call for different sonic qualities. We fine tune your mix by offering unlimited pre-mix consultations and three free revisions. This ensures you get the product you are looking for.

We reference ALL of our monitoring sources including professional headphones, cheap earbuds, our home theater system, Macbook speakers, both of our cars, and of course three sets of studio monitors and subwoofer to ensure your sound is consistent in all settings.

You worked hard on your music. Your audio needs deserve individual attention and custom approach.
Please feel free to contact us directly at Everett@BackPackAudio.com, or give us a ring at 615.512.3626