Topline + Lyrics + Vocals for your instrumental for $44

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Topline + Lyrics + Vocals for your instrumental for $44

I will write the vocal melody (topline) and lyrics for your beat and I will record my vocals as well (I am a songwriter & singer with great passion for music).

You will receive:
1. One (1) Audio record of the topline and lyrics written by me with my vocals recorded on your beat.
2. One (1) Audio file mono with vocals only, with no effects.

The lyrics can be about love, nature, or relaxation, or a mix of all. The lyrics can also be a dedication for a special occasion or a special person and they can also be written on a theme song for films, documentaries, podcasts, etc. I can also write the lyrics for your Christian/ Gospel song.

The sound of the audio record with the song will be in the quality as in my samples here.

I use Casio Privia Digital Piano, Quad-Capture Audio interface, Ableton Live Lite, Condenser Microphone MXL67 or dynamic microphone AudioTehnica ART2100.

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