Podcast post-production, editing and mastering per 20mins for $15

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Podcast post-production, editing and mastering per 20mins for $15

If you have your own podcast/radio show and you want your audio to compete on industry standard level you're at the right place! Check my audio for before and after sample.

I will:
- adjust levels
- remove unwanted noise
- reduce echo
- remove plosives
- reduce sibilance
- mix to saturate and bring out the full spectrum of the voice(s)
- master to match industry standard levels for the platform you'll be uploading it
- Include tags
- remove awkward pauses/silence

* Please note all streaming platforms have their own requirement for loudness/peak levels. It's greatly overlooked but extremely important to have the audio match that if you want to achieve best quality.
If for any reason you do not like my work, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. It's very important to me that I give you your money's worth by my service, and I also want to maintain a good relationship with everyone that chooses my services.

Please get in touch before ordering! :)



Before & After Sample

  • Before & After Sample

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