Recording sax, flute and/or synth (synth brass included) for $444

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Recording sax, flute and/or synth (synth brass included) for $444

I play saxophones, flute and Wind Controller (synthesizer). I also record myself or others in high quality and can mix the section to your taste.

I endorse Adolphe Sax & Cie saxophones and play their first production unit as my main tenor sax. For alto, I use a 1936 Selmer Balanced Action with a Series III neck for a modern sound or the original neck for a vintage sound. Mouthpieces are custom made by Ted Klum in Little Ferry, NJ. For baritone, I use a Yamaha YBS-52 with a Dukoff mouthpiece. Recording is done with a DPA microphone through an Apogee preamp and AD/DA converter.

Career highlights
As a performer and in the studio:
-recorded for top-selling pop artist Ariana Grande
-performed with Grammy winner George Benson,
-top selling jazz guitarist Russell Malone,
-recorded with Grammy-nominated Christian Scott,
-recorded for Grammy-winning engineers Ken Lewis and
-Cooper Anderson,
-did arrangements, contracting and led the horn section for The Voice runner-up Will Champlin.

As a recordist:
My recording of a fellow saxophonist won Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Jam, with special commentary on the quality of the recording, and is featured on 2008's Grammy nominated CD/DVD "Act Your Age."

Included in this service:
Performing and recording saxophone, flute or synth lead (including sample-modeled brass) parts and/or mixing the parts that I record. The base rate covers an assumed 3 hours or less of work. That approximately covers recording written section parts for one horn on 5 tracks (approximately 3 minutes each), for two or three different horns (e.g., alto, tenor, flute) on 2 tracks, three, four or five horns on 1 track.

Within the 3 hour session, it can be assumed that I would turn out improvised "obligato" work, i.e., "This track would sound great with a sax wailing over it/a smoky sax accompanying the vocal, etc.," over 3 tracks.

Depending upon the nature of the work, more or less tracks may be doable within that time frame. Specifics will be discussed before accepting the job.

I can write or arrange horn parts for you as well, please see my other gig listing.

Please note the maximum days to complete is an outside estimate. I will try to complete the job within a week, but may be on the road and unavailable at some times. Revisions will be delivered within two weeks of their request.

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