Session Drummer - Professional drum tracks for $80

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Session Drummer - Professional drum tracks for $80

Struggling to choose someone to play on your music? I know choosing session players to play on your music can be tough. It's your creation, I can totally understand how you wouldn't want anyone to mess it up.
"For me, it's all about energy, creativity and playing for the song, with right groove foundation, style, and sound of drums. I enjoy working on a different project every day which always brings a new challenge and creativity solutions.

I'm Mario , experienced session drummer and studio owner.
I have over 20 years working as a professional touring and recording artist, having toured extensively throughout the world and recording in some top studios.

I am very comfortable in all styles : Pop, Country, Americana, Rock,
Blues, Soul, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Fusion, Ballad Brush.
How does it work? 
We discuss the style / feel you are after and any specifics you require in your drum recording.

• All I need from you is a Mp3 or Wav.File with bitrate/kHz info, Click Tempo and drum chart (if you have one)

• up to 12 individual RAW Stems in Wav file
• Two Revisions
• 1 HD Stereo Drum Mix

•RAW STEMS: Kick In • Kick Out • Snare Top • Snare Bottom • Hi Hat • Rack Toms x2 • Floor Toms x 2 • OH x 2 Room Mic

Studio Setup:
I record into Logic Pro X via a Focusrite 8preX. I have some Focusrite preamps that I run through depending on the instrument and desired sound. I'm using a variety of dynamic , condenser and ribbon mics by Shure, Sennheiser, Rode, AkG and SE Electronics.
Drums: Yamaha Live custom and Yamaha Maple Hybrid - Zildjian Cymbals

Every session I agree to is treated with individual care and attention.

(Watch the video to know more about my service)

It's not done until you're 100% happy!

I'd love to hear about what you're working on.
Please get in touch!​


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