Dusty Drums for $125

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Matt Davies

Dusty Drums for $125

If you want drums recordings with a vintage, warm and characterful sound then I'm your man!
Take a listen to the Soundcloud link and hear for yourself.

I use a 'less is more' approach to recording and take the time to get the sound that's right for the track. With fewer mic's there is less chance of problems with phase when it comes to mixing the drum tracks. With well placed mic's and an ear for detail I can produce a solid, punchy and warm drum track with bags of character.

No flashy studio or sparkly new drum kit - I own a range of vintage drums and cymbals and use mainly dynamic and ribbon microphones run through a valve preamp.

Hopefully my drumming speaks for itself on the tracks below, I am confident you will love what I add to your track.


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