Award Winning Drummer - Enrique Iglesias , Steve Harwell , Chris Clouse plus 150+ more. for $100

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Award Winning Drummer - Enrique Iglesias , Steve Harwell , Chris Clouse plus 150+ more. for $100


Are you a singer-songwriter, band or producer looking for professional sounding drum tracks? Look no further! I have played drums on over 90+ albums in my career. Some of those include Enrique Iglesias, Smash Mouth, and many other major signed artists. I also won the award for "Most Outstanding Drummer" at Musicians Institute in 2010 where I studied. Anything you throw at me, I promise I will live up to your hopes!

My recording studio consists of an Apogee Symphony I/O as my front end (one of the best converters on the market!) and Focal Twin B6 monitors for listening. For preamps I have a Seventh Circle Audio unit with 2 Neve 1272's, 2 API 512's, 2 Jon Hardy J99's with the upgraded Opamp (Sound Incredible!). I also have a 4 channel Universal Audio 710-d and one extra API 512c in my API Lunchbox. Look below for an updated gear list!


DW Birds Eye Maple Kit (custom workshop vintage) 10, 12, 14, 22 inch
Ludwig Black Beauty Snare Drum
DW Birds Eye Maple Vintage Snare Drum (from the 90's)
3 x Sets of Meinl Cymbals (All of the Byzance, Dark and Fusion cymbals. about 18 all together)
Set of K Custom Hi Hats


Stereo pair of AKG 414 BULS's (Toms)
Stereo pair of Neumann km184's ( Overheads )
Manley Reference Cardioid microphone (Room Mic Center)
Rode NT 1000 (Under Snare)
Rode K2 (Room on Figure 8 for M/S with Manley)
RE20 (Kick option)
AKG D12 Reissue (Kick Main)
2 x Shure SM57's (Snare Main)
Telefunken M90 (Snare option)
3 x Cad M179's ( 1 used for outside kick)


2 x Neve 1272's
4 x API 512's
2 x John Hardy M1's
4 x Universal Audio 710 Twin Finity


Apogee Symphony I/O Converter Unit

I can accept full Logic sessions. Or, you can bounce a stereo mix, send it my way, then ill send you the raw drum tracks ready for import into your DAW. My turnaround time is VERY quick! Within 4 days of me receiving your track, you will have the tracks digitally sent to you through my Google Drive account.

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86 Reviews

  1. Review By: davedave Apr 30, 2019

    Awesome job by Brandon! Great performance, musicality and feel! The recording quality is excellent as well. Was so easy to work with Brandon, will definitely work again with him.

  2. Review By: brucemoh Apr 30, 2019

    Perfect, great drummer ! thanks a lot

  3. Review By: easycleansol Apr 18, 2019

    I always use DWDrummer, just amazing service and quality everytime!

  4. Review By: RJmusic Mar 22, 2019

    Great communication and very accommodating. He really adds that x factor to his playing. Overall very happy and will return to do more projects in the future. :)

  5. Review By: 65shawnee Mar 21, 2019

    Another great experience working with a true professional. Thanks again. You nailed it again.

  6. Review By: johnnymars Jan 19, 2019

    Great Job Brandon. A different feel that you 'got' straight away and intuitively left space in so other instruments could embellish the song. Well done bro

  7. Review By: johnnymars Jan 18, 2019

    Brandon is a true professional who provides a great service. Really easy to work with and naturally gravitates tot he best feel for the song

  8. Review By: johnnymars Jan 3, 2019

    Great job this mans a pro

  9. Review By: easycleansol Dec 15, 2018

    I can't praise Brandon enough. No exaggeration in this review whatsoever. First of all, I gave him no click track but a free flowing piece with ebbs and flows in timing. He captured the timing perfectly and covered up some of my timing mishaps as well as delivering absolutely topnotch drums to my track. His sense of any song or genre is very customized and knows how to give your song the perfect feel. You will not be disappointed. This is my 3rd song with him. He's a keeper!

  10. Review By: axeslinger11 Nov 16, 2018

    Brandon nailed it again!!! He's so easy to work with plays so well with everything! Do yourself a favor and go ahead and work with the best!!!

    Big City Sound

  11. Review By: emmjdd Oct 21, 2018

    Second time I've got him to record drums for my songs. He delivers above and beyond your expectations. I'd recommend him to everyone looking to enhance his songs.

    Looking forward to working with him soon.

  12. Review By: Hundred Oct 14, 2018

    The is one of the best drummers.
    Fast and precise
    So friendly.
    Sound Great.
    Grooving touching my heart.
    thanks for you

  13. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 26, 2018

    Brandon performed exceptionally in my complex progressive-rock song. He ws able to handle frequent changes in time signature very smoothly! Highly recommended!

  14. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 25, 2018

    Excellent drummer and great experience!
    Brandon can play any type of musical genre, is highly creative, but he also listen carefully to clients
    Drum tracks' quality is gorgeous!
    I highly recommend him!

  15. Review By: 65shawnee Aug 25, 2018

    A great talent and a pleasure to collaborate with. A true profesional studio musician.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  16. Review By: 65shawnee Aug 25, 2018

    Great talent and a pleasure to collaborate with. A true profesional studio musician.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  17. Review By: 65shawnee Aug 25, 2018

    Great talent and a pleasure to collaborate with. A true profesional studio musician.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  18. Review By: MajorTommy Aug 22, 2018

    As always, it's been a real pleasure! You're a true talent and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!

  19. Review By: MajorTommy Jul 31, 2018

    Absolute LEGEND! Thank you for punching out a drum recording the song really needed! You're a true professional and ridiculously talented!

  20. Review By: akatat Jul 27, 2018

    Awesome performance! We are very happy with your artistic and professional play. Thank you!

  21. Review By: lukedgfarmer Jul 25, 2018

    Total pro, pleasure to work with. Will definitely use again on future projects.

  22. Review By: MajorTommy Jul 6, 2018

    Absolutely awesome drummer, and so punctual. Brandon followed the brief to the letter and smashed it without revision! He's such a talented musician. Couldn't be happier. Thank you, Brandon!

  23. Review By: jgs01 Jun 17, 2018

    Once again, excellent work and quick turnaround!
    Very happy.

    Once I have some more songs, I will send them you way.

    Thanks again!

  24. Review By: jgs01 Jun 5, 2018

    Excellent work!!
    Exceeded my expectations and really took the tracks to whole new level!
    Very professional and responsive as well.

    Highly recommended!

  25. Review By: brodger May 22, 2018

    Another stellar job. Thanks again man.

  26. Review By: kirksong May 2, 2018

    Great communication, high integrity, and solid drum work! Thank you!

  27. Review By: filipjan Apr 9, 2018

    Great to work with, excellent drummer with sense of music. We will work again soon. Thanks.

  28. Review By: DocJazz88 Apr 3, 2018

    Highly professional drummer, who is also an excellent communicator, and most importantly, delivers high quality work! Very happy to be working with this artist and I can only recommend him very highly. Will definitely be back for more!

  29. Review By: GerryN Mar 26, 2018

    Fantastic playing and tracks! Very fast delivery, thank you

  30. Review By: cberthoud Mar 14, 2018

    I've worked with many drummers, and Brandon is world class. Hire him if you want a drummer who can:

    Lock in perfectly with the other instruments on the track
    Provide a top-quality drum sound
    Play solid, simple grooves, but also amazing solos and fills, without ever wavering from the tempo
    Nail your song on the first try, and send you his take(s) within 48 hours
    Be communicative throughout the process

  31. Review By: brodger Mar 6, 2018

    The rhythm playing was rock solid, the quality was excellent and the communication was great. The guy's a pro!

  32. Review By: MarkGifford Feb 18, 2018

    Great job - Brandon worked quickly and brought the song to life!

    He did exactly what we requested on the first take and also added that certain something extra that great players always bring to the party.

    Recording quality was excellent and his detailed notes concerning mixing, etc. were very helpful. Highly recommended!

  33. Review By: SLAVAZVER Feb 11, 2018

    A great drummer! I'm happy!!!

  34. Review By: ETraps22 Feb 7, 2018

    Repeat customer. Quick turn around. Both high quality in terms of musicianship and recording quality.

  35. Review By: grahamshow Feb 6, 2018

    I love what he did to the track bang on timing brought the song to a new level.

  36. Review By: davidbendayan Feb 6, 2018

    Great drumming delivered on time.

  37. Review By: davidbendayan Dec 20, 2017

    Brandon did an excellent job with this track.
    He was there, on time, delivering tight good and great sounding performance.
    Highly recommended

  38. Review By: emmjdd Dec 18, 2017

    Im really happy with the product. All delivered on time and professional suggestions were made for the mixing.
    Highly recommend him!
    Definitely looking forward to working with him in the next songs to come!

  39. Review By: shaneprager Nov 29, 2017

    Brandon delivers professional results! You can be confident in choosing his services. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

  40. Review By: Hundred Nov 15, 2017

    Again and Again~ Perfect and Perfect.

    Thanks GOD made me meet you.!

  41. Review By: Hundred Nov 7, 2017

    Very fast, sound very good, nice grooving. 10 stars!!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  42. Review By: 708rusli Oct 18, 2017

    Very happy with the result! Thank youu

  43. Review By: grahamshow Oct 5, 2017

    Exactly the feel I was going for, looking forward to working with him for the rest of the album.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  44. Review By: 65shawnee Oct 5, 2017

    Another great drum track created by Brandon. A true studio / professional drummer.

  45. Review By: slowmotionpicture Sep 30, 2017

    Brandon is an incredibly tight drummer with a great feel. He listens carefully to comments and is easy to communicate with. The tracks he delivers are very well recorded and easy to work with. I will be working with him again in the near future I am sure.

  46. Review By: marksengermusic Sep 29, 2017

    We definitely will! Thanks, again!

  47. Review By: 65shawnee Sep 23, 2017

    Brandon is a true studio musician who’s talent exceeds the industry standard. He is great to work, has a great ear for music and is someone I can’t say enough good things about. Whis he was local to gig with. Another one in the can.

  48. Review By: 65shawnee Sep 22, 2017

    Great experience woking with Brandon. I can't say enough good things about him and is talent. Plan on him doing the all drum tracks on my EP.

  49. Review By: Choyza Sep 15, 2017

    Brandon exceeded my expectations and continues to surprise me, amazingly creative and virtuosic musician, thanks again !

  50. Review By: axeslinger11 Sep 11, 2017

    Brandon delivered again as usual!!! Highly recommend him!!

    Big City Sound

  51. Review By: Choyza Aug 28, 2017

    I sent Brandon my track, no specific instructions and was blown away with his first attempt! Thanks again man !

  52. Review By: ETraps22 Aug 26, 2017

    Repeat customer. Quick turnaround and high recording quality.

  53. Review By: axeslinger11 Aug 15, 2017

    Brandon nailed it again!!! You will not be disappointed working with Brandon!! He is fantastic!!!

    Big City Sound

  54. Review By: SLAVAZVER Jul 22, 2017

    Brandon is a wonderful drummer! I admire his game! I highly recommend to cooperate with him!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  55. Review By: axeslinger11 Jun 21, 2017

    Brandon nailed it again! He was great with communication and he gave the song the energy it needed without overplaying! Fantastic job and look forward to working with him again!!

  56. Review By: zacklinton Jun 11, 2017

    Brandon is fantastic. Highly recommended. Professional, fast and amazing drumming. Cheers Brandon!

  57. Review By: mexikowski May 14, 2017

    Great to work with highly recommended

  58. Review By: axeslinger11 May 12, 2017

    Brandon nailed the vibe and energy I was looking for! Brandon was very profession and courteous and communication was great! I highly recommend Brandon and look forward to working with him again in the near future!

    Big City Sound

  59. Review By: averbitskiy Apr 11, 2017

    Brandon is a total pleasure to work with, very professional and knows his stuff.
    I'm very happy with my experience and coming back for more very soon!

  60. Review By: ETraps22 Mar 24, 2017

    Repeat customer. Timely delivery and was able to capture what I needed in my drum track.

  61. Review By: Dunadan1 Feb 15, 2017

    5 Stars. He's a real PRO. Great playing. Great drum sounds. Super easy to work with. All around: FANTASTIC. I will definitely request his services again.

  62. Review By: acoovert Feb 10, 2017

    Outstanding and creative work with a one day turn around! Why look at other drummers on here?

  63. Review By: Dunadan1 Feb 7, 2017

    I am thankful that Brandon did such a great job! He is extremely talented and did exactly what I had hoped for. Really perfect. It kind of blew me away. Fantastic! Very intuitive, tasteful, mature playing. The drum sounds are great: well recorded. He recorded in my DAW of choice and included all the outtakes, which is really helpful so that I can make editing choices if I want to. The whole experience was easy & fun. He's my new favorite drummer.
    I will be seeking his services again tomorro

  64. Review By: ETraps22 Jan 29, 2017

    Good communication. Got me the tracks in a reasonable amount of time and was happy with the final product.

  65. Review By: acoovert Jan 2, 2017

    You went above and beyond, thank you so much. These drum tracks were done exactly they way I wanted and completed quickly.

  66. Review By: Choyza Nov 29, 2016

    Yep, awesome again !

  67. Review By: stenerlov Nov 21, 2016

    Amazing drummer, friendly and works fast. Highly recommended!

  68. Review By: gregnla Nov 21, 2016

    First time working with Brandon and I'm very happy! Easy to work with, he knew just what to do with my instructions, terrific performance, great sounding kit, quick turn-around, absolutely coming back for more!

  69. Review By: easycleansol Nov 21, 2016

    Honestly, this guy has a lot of flare and texture in his technique. If you don't know what to do or specify as far as drum lines, he will be your John Bonham and make the best of your music. He also delivered way ahead of schedule.
    Definitely will be my choice on next song.

  70. Review By: Choyza Nov 17, 2016

    Did a really solid first take, but I wanted a bit more. Did an awesome second take with loads of fills and creativity, and then we just had one small part to tweak. Brandon's drumming is extremely tight while not being robotic, which is perfect for what I needed. He also demonstrated awesome versatility and understanding in terms of what I wanted. Literally going to put another order in soon just because I love his drumming. 5/5.

  71. Review By: IanRio Jul 24, 2016

    Another excellent drum track!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  72. Review By: IanRio Jul 1, 2016

    Very happy with Brandon's ideas and work on my song!

  73. Review By: laru1977 Apr 9, 2016

    Brandon is, what I call a real artist. Not "just" a musician with fantastic skills and a lot of experience and taste, but also a big creative talent, who brings his own spirit to your productions and adds what the songs need, with respect for your project and passionate playing.Couldn't be happier!!

  74. Review By: WONDERFLY55 Mar 20, 2016


  75. Review By: Barfly Mar 1, 2016

    Another song done. Brandon is a real pro. He's got the chops, communication and skill to give you what your song needs. Just top notch... and a gentleman to deal with. You'll be very happy you have him on your music. I am.

  76. Review By: WONDERFLY55 Feb 24, 2016


  77. Review By: MartinS Feb 10, 2016

    Pro level player with great feel, skill and sound. a nice guy, really fast delivery with superb quality.

  78. Review By: WONDERFLY55 Jan 17, 2016

    Excellent ! the quality vibe performance all in the complete pro package !

  79. Review By: WONDERFLY55 Jan 15, 2016

    Brandon is the best ! Fast musical excellent sense of song ! Highly recommend !

  80. Review By: WONDERFLY55 Dec 21, 2015


  81. Review By: Barfly Dec 15, 2015

    So, I went into this expecting great things. I was not disappointed. I got back a very cool and catchy drum performance in a very timely manner. Tasteful. He's an excellent drummer and the communication was really good. I wish I had 4 arms so I could give him 4 thumbs up! Thank you.

  82. Review By: KindredSpirit Nov 23, 2015

    Great drummer and easy to work with. He will work with you to get you what you're looking for.

  83. Review By: Anthropocene Nov 10, 2015

    I'll be back for sure man!

  84. Review By: StephenSchriner Nov 8, 2015

    Works with you until you get the finished product that you want. Thank you so much!

  85. Review By: addictivej Oct 24, 2015

    Awesome drummer and very easy to communicate with. Great service, highly recommended.

  86. Review By: theredwind Oct 12, 2015

    Brandon is an awesome drummer and he really made my song better, I will definitely work with him again!

  87. Review By: greatrays May 2, 2015

    Perfect drums for the song. Great job Brandon! I'll be hiring you again. Thanks so much!

  88. Review By: Cinmaya Apr 28, 2015

    Excellent work....exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!