Professional Live Drum Tracks for $100

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Adam Soucy

Professional Live Drum Tracks for $100

Finding the right drummer can be difficult because we often have such a profound effect on the songs we play on. The drummer can make or break a song, and when the foundation laid by the drums isn't right, the whole song can fall apart. I pride myself on being able to create drum parts that are interesting and fun to listen to, but I take incredible care to make sure that I'm setting a vibe that best serves the song at hand, no matter the genre.

All styles are welcome: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Jazz, Progressive, Post-hardcore, Folk, Funk, R&B, you name it. I'll do my very best to make your songs sound and feel as good as they can.

Technical Stuff I have access to:
- Tons and Tons of Drums and Cymbals (Modern, Vintage, and Custom Built)
- Fully Treated Acoustic Space
- Collection of Industry Standard Microphones
- High Quality Converters and Preamps
- Too many Auxiliary Percussion Instruments
- Tons and Tons of Third Party Plugins

Price includes a take of live drums, I'll play what I deem to be the best part for the song, but I'm happy to do up to 2 rounds of revisions if you're not happy. I typically run anywhere from 12-16 tracks, all of which will be delivered to you as clean, well-organized wav files. The tracks will be fully processed, but I will include dry versions at your request; I want you to have as much control over your mix as possible. (At your request, I'll also include a detailed rundown of the recording techniques used).

Black Tears

Written by Anna Madsen, produced by That One Eyed Kid & Adam Soucy, mixed by Jeremie Inhaber
  • Black Tears
  • Before It's Too Late
  • So Close

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