Professional Live Drum Tracks for $200

In Drums 100% Guarantee By Adam Soucy

Professional Live Drum Tracks for $200

Session Drummer and Percussionist with 10+ years of studio experience. Winner of the 2019 Independent Music Award for Rock Music Production. Totally obsessive and detail oriented.

Finding the right drummer can be difficult because we have such a profound effect on the songs we play on. The drums can make or break a song, and when the foundation laid by the drums isn't right, the whole song can fall apart. I pride myself on being able to create drum parts that are interesting and fun to listen to, but I take incredible care to make sure that I'm setting a vibe that best serves the song at hand, no matter the genre.

All styles are welcome: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Jazz, Progressive, Post-hardcore, Folk, Funk, R&B, you name it. I'll do my very best to make your songs sound and feel as good as they can.

Technical Stuff I have access to:
- Large selection of some of the highest caliber Drums and Cymbals available
- Fully Treated Acoustic Space
- Complete Collection of Industry Standard Microphones
- High Quality Converters and Preamps
- Too many Auxiliary Percussion Instruments
- Tons and Tons of Third Party Plugins

Hit me up, let's make some sounds!

  • Singer-Songwriter

Before It's Too Late

Written by Major Moment. Produced and Mixed by Kevin Billingslea. As well as providing the drums, I also co-produced this project.
  • Before It's Too Late
  • Two Tides
  • Mirrors

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