Professional Quality Mixing(Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B/Pop) for $200

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Professional Quality Mixing(Hip-Hop/Trap/R&B/Pop) for $200

New Money Productions
Christian Newlands has produced for 4 years and recorded as an artist & producer in his home studio. My credentials include Cash Money Records/Rich Gang, AMAG, Montana Millz and as a producer for aLive Records in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. My equipment includes JBL305 monitors, Numerous speakers, both mono and stereo, for crystal clear audio spread throughout any room, car, phone, studio or portable speaker. I use Audio-Technica & Sony monitoring headphones, KORG & Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S49 MIDI keyboards, an M-Track 2x2 Audio Interface, and I work with Logic Pro X. My setup is clean and I work on projects all day and consistently stop to listen on all devices to ensure you're getting not just the best effects for your mix, but the BEST sound on all speakers(mono or stereo) because as an artists myself, I know what it's like to post a track up on social media and find out later it only sounds good on stereo... It's pretty embarrassing. So I will assure you that you are getting the best possible mix and up to 2 revisions if you are unsatisfied, or your cash back! So if you would like my services, here is what you will receive:

- Industry Standard(Radio Ready) Mix with up to 50 stems!
- You will be asked if you would like any specific effects in your mix. Of course, I will be mixing off of my judgement and own taste with what you send me, but you will still be asked if you want any specific sound
- You will get up to 2 free revisions on any mix
-Lastly, you will also be getting constant updates so you know where I'm at with your mix

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