Professional Mix&Mastering for $75

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Salman Kerdar

Professional Mix&Mastering for $75

+ Professional mixing engineer and producer from Jazz to rock and Metal

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+ Multi instrumentalist musician

+ International bachelor's degree in Mix&Mastering from ILO

+ I will find out your music taste and will deliver your project the way you want to hear, Doesn't matter how many revisions it takes

+ Music Academy manager

+ I can handle your guitars, drum lines, bass and at the end mix and mastering if you like.

+We are new here in this website and I want to work with low price and happy clients in order to make great resume for my team.

+ Mastering start after you confirm the mix

+ I got good stuff on my studio like many other studios in the world. But I believe better ears and better environment worth much more than any gears!

  • Hard Rock
  • Heavy Metal
  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Electronic
  • Hip Hop

Acoustic Guitar&Synth

By Salman Kerdar
  • Acoustic Guitar&Synth
  • We are not Ok by Cold Barbies

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