Let me mix your demo for $50

In Mixing 100% Guarantee By Jimmy Brewer

Let me mix your demo for $50

Looking to get a great sounding mix of your demo out to labels/publishers/management? Recording a self release on a budget and want some experienced ears to help you out?

As a singer songwriter I know the importance of having good demos. First impressions are huge and you want to make sure your music is mixed to a high standard. I also know the financial constraints of working as an independent artist.

I've spent countless hours working in pro studios as a musician and co producer and over the last few years have been producing music in my own home studio.

I use Logic Pro X and mix through a pair of Studiospares SN10 (their version of the famous Yamaha NS10s) and a pair of Teledyne Acoustic Research AR-18s.

For the $50 fee I will mix one song with three revisions should you require them.

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