Complete Mixing and Tuning of 4 Songs

Complete Mixing and Tuning of 4 Songs

Attached to this project listing is the last 2 songs that our artist released. We've gone a head and attached the rough bounce of the songs (prior to tuning/mixing) and then the final master of the songs that way you can hear what we expect quality wise as far as the mix and tuning is concerned.

You will be responsible for the full mixing and tuning of all the songs over their respective tracked out instrumentals. You should fix any rhythmic issues with vocals so that they cater to your ear. This includes but is not limited to lead, stack, word stack, ad lib, etc. vocals. You should listen to the "Reference Bounce" of each record and confirm that you can fix any rhythmic issues that are present or request punch-in's for whatever areas you feel can not be fixed/placed prior to beginning the mixing process.

Once the mix is approved you are to send us over all deliverables. This should include a master ready .wav file of the final mix as well as all the instrumental and vocal stems on separate tracks.

Reference Mix 1

Quality Match
  • Reference Mix 1
  • Reference Mix 2