Professional productions for Media/Film/TV for $500

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Professional productions for Media/Film/TV for $500

I can deliver custom made instrumental tracks or with vocals if you send me the files. Price is discussed and depends on the usage. I write in various genres.

It can be from $500 and upwards. I have done productions with a budget around $1000 but the price depends. All in all I'm flexible so don't get hooked up a certain number, things can always be discussed.

Pro composer/songwriter with platinum selling album in Europe, songs and productions spread in countries all over the world, on radio/TV, on many albums. Have worked with major publisher Warner Chappell as a songwriter etc.

Some examples of what I've done:

- I produced a single that was released in Sweden including one of the most well known artists in Sweden, a household name.

- Was asked to do a remake of a well known song in South Korea as an artist/producer, the release was covered on national TV news, aired on national radio etc.

- In the recent years I have delivered music to a particular fashion related international TV-channel.

- I have had music videos aired on large national networks in the US and other countries reaching hundreds of thousands.

- Have written for many albums and recording, music that has spread in countries around the world.

And much more...

A New Dawn

  • A New Dawn
  • As We Move Along
  • Big Picture
  • California Drive
  • I See You
  • Minimalistic
  • Ocean World Below
  • Tranquility

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