Full Song Production for $400

In Song Production 100% Guarantee By Emily Zimmer

Full Song Production for $400

I'd love to bring your song to life. Got an incomplete song idea? Got a complete song you'd like turned into a radio-quality HD recording? I'll make it happen.

I will provide any or all of the following:
-Drums (electronic kit with EZ drummer acoustic drum sounds)
-Guitar (lead or rhythm, acoustic or electric)
-Bass guitar
-Lead or Harmony Vocals (dependent upon what vocal style and range you would prefer - I may be able to do it, or you may need to find another singer)
-Simple synth sounds (horns, simple keyboard sounds, sound effects)

My styles include pop, rock, country, blues, and folk.

Turnaround time depends on complexity of project, personal deadlines, producer availability, and other factors.

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All instruments and production by Emily Zimmer
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