Full Song Available For Sale "AWAKENED" for $300

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Full Song Available For Sale "AWAKENED" for $300

This song focuses on the African continent which has alot of her citizens and leaders in a state of mental servitude to the doctrines of racist slavers, colonials and globalists in the 21st century.
Africa would be a better and more beautiful continent if Africans rise up to the task, believing in their own ability to do this by harnessing not only their natural resources but the resources of their beautiful, innovative and creative African minds.
This song depicts a better way for Africans all around the world to be "Woke", destruction of lives and property isn't woke, that's a crime!

This is a wake up call to Africans, delivered with lovely vocals and a thrilling rap delivery.

If you're interested, notify me.

Thank you!

Epic - Awakened

Africa will be built by Africans if they choose to wake up!
  • Epic - Awakened

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