Singer! Your vision to a release ready song! for $299

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Singer! Your vision to a release ready song! for $299

Are you a vocalist and lyricist with killer text and a melody but lacking the ability to produce an instrumental track of your dreams to complement it? I am here to help!

I will produce a release ready track around your vocal parts. I will play and/or program guitar, bass, drums, keys. Whatever you need to make your dream come true. The service includes high-quality well produced instrumental track with mixing and mastering. If you want to re-record your vocals to our new instrumental track (always a good idea) I will also mix your vocals to sit perfectly in it.

I can provide a free 1-minute long sample to help you decide! So hit me up with your demo and let us create something unique together!

No genre limitations but I am most familiar with singer-songwriter stuff and pop/folk/rock/punk/metal and also acoustic stuff. But I am very interested in working with all kinds of music.

KyySounds is my own business/studio. I am working mainly in-the-box with Pro Tools but I have an old vintage mixer and a hardware compressors that I might use depending on the project. I have a degree in music technology and I have also over 15-years of experience playing in different bands.

You can find a link for my website through my bio!

Grg Zacc - You Gone Away

Pop/Rock. Produced, mixed and mastered by me.
  • Grg Zacc - You Gone Away
  • Arcadia On The Horizon - Shoreline

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