Spotless Instrumental Editing for $20

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Spotless Instrumental Editing for $20

Not all of us are world-class musicians who can "get it done" in one take, are we? That's OK, I can help you sound like one.

Editing may not sound like the most exciting part of making a song - it isn't - but what a difference it does in the end. It's one of those things you don't want to think about when listening to the final mix, because once you notice that drum hit out of place, or that vocal note that simply doesn't feel right... Well, it can ruin the whole experience.

But editing is so much more than covering mess-ups. It's the tool that brings together your whole song, building the overall vibe and just making it sound right. Editing is a major step in getting your song to the next level, to the "radio ready" stage.

Keep in mind the most usual tracks needing some detailed editing, I have the following packs ready for you:
1. Guitar Editing: $20
2. Bass Editing: $30
3. Drum Editing: $50

Any combo will have a fair discount. All packs include the comping of takes and time-alignment. For the bass, I'll also do some minor pitch correction. For the drums, the phase matching is obviously included. Finally, if you have some other instrument needing editing, just get in touch with me so I can send you my rate.

You can find some demos of my work in the Audio tab. For more info, please check my profile and website, where you will find reviews from clients who can vouch for my work.

Drum & Bass #1

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